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How to hunt for small vintage household appliances?

How to hunt for small vintage household appliances?

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Small household robots from the 1950s and 1960s are making a comeback in decoration! So why not find them at the flea market to decorate your kitchen in a vintage way? Carine Albertus, author of Hunting Collecting and magazine editor Antiques Flea market gives us his tips for bargain hunting for small vintage household appliances. Interview by Caroline Delman

What household robots are most commonly found in flea markets?

There are many household robots dating from after the Second World War, household robots from the 1950s. Sometimes you can find simple robots from 20 or 30 euros. For the most complex count 60 to 150 euros. The streamline forms are particularly visible. Streamline, which means aerodynamics, is a movement that started in the 1930s from the United States and which symbolized certain refined forms applied to the construction of liners and cars for example. The current went to the appliances. We therefore find these streamlined and refined robots in flea markets.

Are there any vintage household robots listed?

Some pieces stand out from the crowd. I remember a mixer robot from the old Rotor brand. Its shape was very refined and cylindrical and on the handle was placed a transparent bowl. This coin was worth around 300 euros. American models are also popular as some toasters.

What advice would you give our readers to hunt well?

It is better to arrive early in the morning, before 10am. This is when good deals are made. Eventually at the end of the day, certain objects can be taken out of the truck to replace the products sold and can hold good surprises. And of course you always have to negotiate, it's part of the game! Count at least on a 10% discount. Some sellers can lower prices by up to 30%. Finally, it is better not to operate these robots and to use them only as decorative elements.

What are the best places to find vintage household robots?

There is a place in Paris, Lyon's Company, 38 rue de Sévigné in the 3rd arrondissement where you will find vintage objects imported from the United States, including household robots. And you have to think of all the garage sales and flea markets with a design theme, from the 1950s to the 1970s. For more info: Bargain hunting, collect , by Carine Albertus, Hoëbeke editions, 30 euros