4 things to know about the Punch Needle

4 things to know about the Punch Needle

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Punch Needle. This name may not mean anything to you, yet this embroidery embossing technique will be all the rage this year, with all DIY enthusiasts. It must be said, it has many advantages ... In addition to being accessible to all, this embroidery technique offers a wide range of possibilities for creating decorative objects and fashion accessories of all kinds. We tell you more about the Punch Needle… Your needles!

1. An ancestral art brought up to date

The Punch Needle is a technique of embroidery in relief. It is an ancestral art which was born in Egypt before developing in the rest of the world. Traditionally, the tool used has been a punch or a perforating needle. The idea is to come and prick on the back of a canvas or fabric to form shapes on it. Today, we find much easier to use models like the one imagined by the designer Amy Oxford, the Oxford Punch Needle. In all cases, this embroidery technique in relief has known how to cross the ages and returns to the forefront of the decoration scene in 2019. And this is not to displease all lovers of embroidery and DIY…

2. Multiple and varied creations

Since it is enough to stitch on the wrong side to get loops on the right side, it is very easy to imagine patterns and to decline them endlessly. What for ? It's simple, the Punch Needle can be used for everything, both in fashion and in decoration. In the first case, you can have fun customizing your clothes or accessories like a bag or shoes or even creating costume jewelry. In the second case, the possibilities are endless! You can, for example, personalize your cushion covers and other linens, draw patterns or write sweet words on a drum or frame for wall decoration, create figurines and embroidered comforters for your toddlers…

3. The equipment you need

If the Punch Needle is very popular, it is because it does not require competition equipment to get started. There are even ready-to-use kits for beginners that bring together all the elements necessary for the creation of embroidered objects! But if you really plan to do it, we can only recommend that you invest in quality equipment like those offered by the designer Amy Oxford. To get started with the Punch Needle, you will need: * A special Punch Needle. Note that there are several variations in size depending on the desired finish. Each needle size corresponds to a certain thickness of thread. Remember that the wider the needle, the thicker the embroidery thread should be. If it is not sold with the needle, consider having a needle threader. * An embroidery support to keep your thread taut like a drum or a frame. * Embroidery canvas. For the little tip, know that a burlap or a natural linen canvas do the trick perfectly! * Embroidery thread or wool. As we told you, you must provide embroidery thread suitable for the size of your needle. * Fabric glue or lacquer to fix the points on the back of your creation.

4. How does it work?

Getting started is easy. Start by preparing your support by inserting the canvas in the drum or the embroidery frame and taking care to stretch it as much as possible. Adjust your Punch Needle and pass the embroidery thread (don't forget to unroll your ball). Hold your needle in the same way as a pencil and prick the embroidery fabric to pass the thread on the other side. Space your punch about 4 to 8mm and repeat the operation until you get the desired shape for each color of wire. To guide you, you can follow a model or draw the patterns upstream on the support. Once the patterns are done, all you have to do is cut the thread on the back of the support. Apply fabric glue to fix the wool mesh or threads on the wrong side. You can also gently spray with hairspray to fix everything. To give you an idea of ​​the result, discover our Punch Needle favorite from the Vert Cerise blog!