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10 objects and furniture to give a chic boudoir spirit to an entry

10 objects and furniture to give a chic boudoir spirit to an entry

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And if we gave style to the entrance with a chic boudoir decor? Glamor, elegance and cozy, that's how to revisit a space too often left behind. And a few well-chosen pieces of furniture or objects are enough to ensure the effect, I promise! Shall we explain?

1. A secretary or a console

In theory, the secretary is THE key piece of furniture for success the chic boudoir ambiance. But because it is not always easy to find, store or pay, we do not forget plan B: a pretty console with worked feet, rectangular or half-moon.

2. A mirror

A mirror, but not just any mirror! We choose it round and if possible surrounded by scrolls, to accentuate the softness and the femininity of the boudoir look. In dark color for the first degree, immaculate white to give light to the entrance.

3. A bedside lamp

A bit offbeat, the bedside lamp in the entrance adds a note of elegance to the space. And allows to dim the light for a more cozy, more chic atmosphere… In short, no more boudoir! We adapt its size to the configuration of the entrance, we choose it round and retro, we put it on the console and voila.

4. A daybed

It's all about space, okay ... But for those who have a large entrance, we go for the meridian! Old fashioned, of course, with a rounded back and armrest, pretty curved legs and even, if possible, padded velvet.

5. A velvet armchair

No room for the chaise longue? We envision the velvet armchair, both retro and trendy, in deep and glamorous shades. Still no room? We think of velvet pouffe who slips under the console and comes out just long enough to sit down to put on shoes. Especially since it is easy to find in most decorative collections!

6. Cushions

If you have room for the chaise longue or the armchair, don't forget to sow a few cushions there… It's time to play on expensive fabrics with a chic boudoir spirit! Velvet, satin, taffeta, we put on soft and shiny fabrics while playing on textures. And for purists, we add some flowery, round or tufted cushions.

7. A vase and flowers

The chic boudoir style guideline ? Softness, roundness and femininity. Difficult to overlook a beautiful retro-style vase in porcelain, ceramic or textured glass, filled with fresh flowers or dried flowers. Good news, it's always easy to fit in an entry!

8. A carpet

Another tip to boost the cozy look of a chic boudoir ambiance ? A carpet, of course. To choose soft, elegant and comfortable ... but not too messy all the same, compared to the entry. Exit the light colors, therefore, we prefer deep shades that do less staining.

9. Executives

Nothing is easier than hanging a few frames to create a glamorous decor. Mottled, recycled or purchased, whatever, as long as they adopt a retro look with curves and scrolls. We hang them empty for the offset side or on vintage posters for the first degree, accumulated on the wall of the entrance.

10. A curtain

A curtain in the entrance? A real retro deco trick which sticks to the chic boudoir spirit and in passing, insulates the entrance from the cold or delimits the space. We choose a romantic print or a beautiful velvet and hang the curtain in front of the door, in front of a canopy, a closet or even a wall.