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Chantal Thomass signs a collection of beds and mattresses for Treca

Chantal Thomass signs a collection of beds and mattresses for Treca

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Fashion lady Chantal Thomass presents a collection of mattresses and beds for the Treca brand. On the program: feminine, sexy and sassy lines in the image of the designer. Very "couture", this exclusive collection in a limited edition has a very evocative name: Pleasure is a bed of roses. When the Treca brand offered Chantal Thomass to sign an exclusive collection, the designer immediately agreed. Indeed, it was for her an evidence or even an extension of the universe of female intimacy in which she has been evolving for so many years. She then presented a range composed of two mattresses, a mattress topper, four armrests, two box springs and footwork.

Beds for feminine privacy

The designer gives a whole new dimension to the bed with four decors with generous and elegant shapes. You will be able to curl up in a "Sewing knot" bed, a large knot that highlights the mattress, "Meridian" which oscillates between bed and meridian where to languish, "Ribbon" on which floats a poetic ribbon. Our favorite bed, "Atout coeur", has a red heart that will watch over lovers. To accompany these exceptional beds, you can choose feet in the shape of a black lacquered boot for a very sexy touch or curved feet with suggestive curves. The night promises to be sensual!

Mattresses with super feminine details

And to accompany the armrests and the box springs, Chantal Thomas also put her claw on the Treca mattresses. For a firm bed with a very soft welcome, you will opt for the mattress stitched with garlands of roses enclosing the phrase "Pleasure is a bed of roses". If you prefer a firm bed to the soft reception, your mattress will be adorned with lace patterns consisting of garlands enclosing bouquets of roses. As for the mattress topper, it was designed from rose wadding, a unique filling treated with extracts of rose buds for optimal comfort. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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