Sir Terence Conran signs a collection for Marks & Spencer

Sir Terence Conran signs a collection for Marks & Spencer

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Since the return of the Marks & Spencer brand in France, the brand has been making headlines. And for the house, she signs an exclusive collection with the essential designer Terence Conran. A key figure in British interior design, Terence Conran offers an exclusive collection whose high-end design will seduce you with its affordable prices. Each piece mixes style, comfort and functionality to represent the very essence of Conran's design. On the program, a collection for the terracotta table from 7.95 euros, cushions from 18.95 euros, or vases from 14.95 euros. Style wise, these 100% British objects will find their place in a contemporary interior as well as an ultra-design interior. We particularly appreciate the sleek clocks, the vases with original lines or the striped cushions that will energize a sofa. Find the Terence Conran collection at Marks & Spencer and on


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