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Ideas to showcase walls with frames

Ideas to showcase walls with frames

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If the photos, paintings and posters are enhanced by good framing, it is not easy to find the right arrangement of the frames on the wall. Here are some ideas to create a gallery spirit in an entrance, a staircase or in the living room.

Online hanging

For a very contemporary spirit, you can opt for the online arrangement to accompany the visitor's gaze in the room. This type of decoration will be ideal for an entrance to lead the visitor to another room or to the wall that hosts the sofa. For this solution, it is recommended to use identical frames to reinforce the rigorous aspect.

Grid hanging

This type of hanging will give a very authentic spirit by creating a balanced decor. For this, we create a large rectangle composed of several frames but be careful not to use more than 6 to 8 frames so as not to interfere with harmony. You can use this hanging above a console for example by using similar frames and the same size.

Improvised hanging

By hanging your frames improvised, you will create a dynamic on the wall. Before you start, it is better to make a simulation on the ground to check the final result and not to make holes in the wall anywhere. For this type of hanging, you can use different frames provided you keep a common spirit. Two decor ideas: - You can use an empty frame in your composition. - Place one or two frames on the floor by pressing them against the wall to create continuity.


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