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8 height planning ideas

8 height planning ideas

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It's not always easy to take advantage of high spaces. Mezzanines, storage cupboards, decorative accessories… we have selected for you good ideas for the living room, bedroom or student studios.

The mezzanine

Opting for a mezzanine saves space by installing a height space. It could be a bed, with a sofa or desk space underneath. A very practical formula for small student studios. For the little ones, find an idea of ​​an evolving mezzanine that adapts to all ages of childhood, from the specialist in the development of small spaces, Espace Loggia.


Install high shelves for storage and for the decorative effect, choose cardboard boxes, colored plastic or wicker baskets. In a small student apartment, Ikea offers, for example, a very simple arrangement with shelves arranged over a whole section of wall, with a lower space for the office. In order to easily access the storage boxes located very high, a ladder will do the trick.

Roof windows

To bring in light, you can also install a roof window under your eaves and optimize the space offered by your roof. The flatter your roof, the longer your window can be. You will find a wide range of models and solutions at the specialist of the question, Velux.

But also…

Take advantage of a space above a piece of furniture to install decorative accessories. At Ikea, a series of white photo frames has been placed at the top of an all-white library. The space is thus optimized and the decorative effect is assured. In the corner of the attic, the Swedish giant offers another idea: build a library by installing a shelf in the corner of the roof. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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