A smart cushion for your laptop

A smart cushion for your laptop

If you have a laptop, you probably place it on your lap to be comfortable on your sofa or bed. The only downside: the computer heats up and ends up burning your legs. Here is the practical and decorative solution: the LapTopper.

What is a LapTopper?

It is an ingenious cushion topped with a tablet to accommodate your computer. Indeed, when you use a normal cushion, that of your sofa for example, you block the ventilation of your computer and it overheats. By placing it on a shelf, ventilation is ensured and the cushion allows you to be installed comfortably. You can use it everywhere but especially for a lot of other things: meal tray, work table…

Design side

And so that the LapTopper fits easily into your interior, you will have the choice from over 40 different patterns, from the most classic to the most fun. Plain, striped, polka dot or patterned model, it's up to you to choose and select the color you like. The whole thing weighs only 500 g to guarantee you optimal comfort! Price: 29.90 euros> More info on Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"