Clearance paints and floor coverings

Clearance paints and floor coverings

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From the desire of two entrepreneurs wishing to make professional quality accessible to the greatest number of people was born an unprecedented site of professional quality floor coverings and paints at "destocking" prices. Presentation of the site Soils and walls.

Quality materials

Launched in March 2011 by Dimitri Thirard and Franck Lefèvre, the Soils and Walls site provides internet users with material from professional construction sites. For the individual, the products are reconditioned in order to offer smaller quantities which correspond to amateur sites. And since this is a destocking, not only are the prices attractive, but also the products are renewed daily. You then benefit from high quality products at reduced prices in order to achieve your interior.

A practical service

And to guide the buyer in his steps, the site also offers a buying guide with advice from the pros! You will be able to select the right product according to its application but also the surface to be covered and the desired rendering. Before buying, you can also calculate online the quantity necessary for your work. Finally, you will be able to visualize the rendering of your color in a concrete overview.> More information on Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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