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A personalized fresco at home

A personalized fresco at home

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Loran Lacave is a painter, a profession he puts at the service of individuals by making murals and frescoes, in a realistic or playful style. He explains… Interview by Bérangère Larivaud.

On what supports do you paint your frescoes?

I can paint on many supports, including walls, whether outside or inside a building.

How does the fresco order go, concretely?

I respond to a specific order. So I meet the person who explains to me what she expects from me. We discuss, I take notes. Depending on the project, she can provide me with documents and photos. I reflect and analyze to visually transcribe the idea. At the second meeting, I arrive with a proposal with sketches and preparatory drawings, as well as the estimate. If we agree on the project, we make a date for me to start working.

Do you work with layers, for example?

Not at all. I did Fine Arts and I think I have a good mastery of drawing. I work the old-fashioned way, freehand. I never use tracing paper or any other reproduction medium.

Do you describe one of the last frescoes you have done?

Very recently, I painted a fresco on a wall 9 meters long by 2.50 high. The owner wanted me to decorate this blind wall figuratively to recall her childhood in the neighborhood and the life of her parents, who had a workshop of cars with arms and strollers for 4 seasons. She provided me with photos of the street, people, her parents' workshop, etc. and I imagined a scene. It took me 15 days of work to make this fresco.

Have you also made several murals on the theme of jazz?

Yes, especially for Marcel Campion, a fairground professional who bought La Chope des Puces, a legendary place for gypsy jazz at the Saint-Ouen flea market. He asked me to create a 4 by 3 meter fresco with the portrait of Django Reinhardt and false windows opening onto different characters. And I'm planning a series of portraits of jazz musicians.

Are your exterior frescoes not likely to deteriorate over time?

I paint with a special oil paint for the exterior which is very resistant. If the client wishes, he can always varnish the fresco. But this is only possible several months after painting, otherwise the varnish may crack.

What are your deadlines and prices for a fresco?

The deadline depends on the period. In general, it takes one to two months. As for the price, it depends of course on the complexity of the project. I would say that my prices for a fresco start at 100 € per m². To know more : To contact Loran Lacave: 06 66 80 47 64


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