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What color should I give with an explorer's lounge?

What color should I give with an explorer's lounge?

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Explore new universes through a unique and original decoration in your living room. The colonial trend goes wonderfully well with an explorer style. To accentuate a universe combining authenticity and originality, nothing beats a composition with a modern and exotic style.

Warm colored walls

For an exotic and warm atmosphere, an orange or gray wallpaper recalls the original and charming side of this distant and mysterious universe. Dark red or orange, the wallpaper should reflect a warm and authentic atmosphere. Gray or black can also be suitable for this friendly and welcoming decoration, if these colors are embellished with tables dressed in warm colors.

Elegant and exotic furniture

Choose colonial-inspired furniture such as a solid wood sideboard for example. To impose this style, decorate your living room with storage furniture and a teak sideboard. The appearance of wood in this room diffuses softness and fullness for a chic and exotic atmosphere. The living room can also accommodate comfortable and warm furniture such as a split leather armchair with round and enveloping curves for guaranteed well-being.

Decorative objects: travel inspiration

To create a trendy and chic decoration, favor objects reminiscent of travel, elsewhere and distant destinations. Decorate your interior with authentic and precious objects. Recreate an explorer style by choosing atypical and original decorative objects such as a terrestrial globe. Perfect in a tribal decoration, this object invites you to travel and discover other countries. You can decorate the buffets and dressers with decorative ethnic necklaces or African statues representing the animals of the savannah: giraffe or elephant. All these representations bring an ethnic and refined touch to your living room. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"