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Video: trendy pots and planters

Video: trendy pots and planters

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To flower and green the garden, we often put on pots and planters that are sure to give style to the outside. Also, remember to choose your pots according to your style. Design, traditional or recuperated, what will be yours?

Traditional pots

This type of jar is above all a story of craftsmanship! We appreciate the almost unique charm of terracotta pots. Depending on your style, you will find models inspired by Antiquity with very elaborate shapes or, on the contrary, contemporary models with designer lines and trendy colors.

Design pots

If for you, the flower pots should act as sculptures in the garden, then bet on a design pot. You will find models with original lines and very worked and others more sober which are inspired by the tendencies side materials with concrete effect pots for example.

The recovered pots

And because we can also plant flowers in improvised pots, you will discover original containers for an offbeat garden. You will be able to install your plants in buckets, in cans of paint or even in wheelbarrows to reuse old objects. Discover the pots and planters on video.