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Video: keep snakes away from your garden

Video: keep snakes away from your garden

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The heat is coming back, and you will be walking more and more in your garden. Whether around your pool or under your natural pergola, you can come across a snake, a viper or a simple orvet. Even if the situation is not necessarily dangerous, you will certainly want to get rid of these repulsive reptiles. Karine, specialist in the matter, offers you two solutions to avoid crossing snakes in your garden. Follow his instructions, on video!

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Liquid repellant

The liquid repellant consists of forming a 20 cm wide barrier around sensitive places: the garage, the swimming pool, the shed, children's play air, etc. The product acts on the snake's sensory system. The animal flees it as soon as it has touched it. This protective strip will repel all reptiles that may infiltrate your spaces. Note that the repellent does not harm human health or that of pets! For your information, a 1 L can allows you to form a linear barrier of approximately 100 m. This product also exists in 10 L can.

The granules

The granules must be dispersed on the fly, forming a barrier like the liquid repellant. They are completely natural and safe. So you can handle them with your hands, without any problem. Their odor is very inconvenient for the snake, which leaks the area once it is in contact with the granules. In addition, they are weather resistant and effective over the long term. With this 1 kg pot you can protect an area of ​​100 to 150 m². This product also exists in a 5 kg pot. You now have two effective solutions to keep snakes away from your garden. Thanks to them, you can take full advantage of your space, without having to inspect every corner. On the other hand, do not hesitate to contact a rat extermination company in the event that the problem increases.