Table runner: instructions for use

Table runner: instructions for use

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What is a table runner?

The table runner is a table cloth between the tablecloth and the placemat. It is therefore a strip of fabric which is installed from one end to the other of the table to accommodate the services. It is sort of a long, narrow sheet. It can be used directly on a raw table or above a tablecloth, alone or with others… In short, the table runner is the essential accessory to give style to table decor.

How to use the table runner?

The table runner is very easy to use and can take various forms. You can place it directly on your table to accommodate the dishes. The sides of the table will then be visible for a raw and natural style. Know that you can also place the path on a tablecloth, which will allow you to play with the different colors and materials. A decorative tip to reproduce especially during special occasions and important receptions.

As for its position, you can place the table runner in the vertical direction rather than the horizontal direction usual so that the table runner gives two place mats on each side. The plates will thus be on the table runner and you will have to use as many paths as "pairs of guests". It is also an effective way to give elegance to your table decor.  

Side colors, There is no rule ! It is up to you to decide whether you want to use a color in the shades of your table or on the contrary decide with a color that is out of step. For a traditional table, choose a white tablecloth on which you will place a colored table runner in the horizontal direction.

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Finally, be aware that the table runner can also assert its character on a piece of furniture other than the table. On a console, a pedestal table, a low table or even a buffet, it gives rhythm to the decor.

What material to choose?

If the synthetic materials have the advantage of being easy to maintain, we can only recommend that you opt for vegetable fiber models. Already because they are more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but above all because there is nothing better than natural materials! And the advantage is that they bend to all decorative styles: from the Scandinavian style to the bohemian look through a country house spirit or conversely, resolutely contemporary! Cotton, rattan, bamboo, wood, hemp.… So what material will you fall for your table runner?

Unusual table runners

Followers of DIY and of creative hobbies, how about creating your table runner yourself? You can for example use a large strip of lace doilies, cut jute paper or even put down a long faux fur rug ... Let your imagination run wild! And to get out of conventions, opt for the object diversion : a very fine shutter door can be placed in the center of the table for a chic flea market decor! Finally, plants and branches can also serve as a plant table runner ... There is no limit to having fun!


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