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Video: planting a climbing rose

Video: planting a climbing rose

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Do you want to flower your garden by planting a climbing rose? Cultivated since High Antiquity, the rose has always been an emblem of beauty and grace. And for good reason, it certainly sports one of the most beautiful flowers that can exist. But as this plant is not reserved only for monarchs, it is quite possible for you to grow it in your space. That said, there are a few essential rules for a good planting. Guy Tournellec, gardener, enlightens you on how to properly plant your climbing rose. Follow his instructions, on video!

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Prepare the rose

First, you must completely immerse the pot of your rose bush. Leave it in the water until there are no more air bubbles coming out of it. This operation is essential for all the plants you buy in pots. Indeed, if the soil of the latter turns out to be drier than that of your garden, the water will pass through without stopping. Therefore, the plant will have no way to feed itself. Once the air bubbles have disappeared, separate your rose from its pot. At the base, you will certainly see a multitude of agglomerated roots, which it is essential to unlock. To do this, pull it slightly. Thus, they can properly fit into the earth during their development. Make sure you find a good location for your rose bush. Favor an exposure to the south because this plant likes the sun. Dig a hole of about 50 cm by 50 cm in all directions, so that the roots of the rose bush do not encounter obstacles in their development. Immerse your rose bush in a mixture of 20% soil and 80% compost, which will attract earthworms and microorganisms that will work the soil for us.

After planting

Once the rose planted, tamp the soil lightly, and don't forget to tie its branches on the wire support. Attach them as obliquely as possible to get more flowers, being careful not to choose a tie that could hurt the branch. Over time, loosen them if necessary. Finally, to promote root recovery, it is advisable to water your rose every evening during the week following planting, then once every fortnight thereafter. Note that there are also roses sold in small square pots. In this case, the plant is not rooted in the soil. It is in "bare roots". That is to say, the soil is only there to avoid drying out. You can therefore remove the soil clinging to the roots, and immerse them in a soil / manure mixture, which will allow them to start again. Just be careful never to bury the rose below the grafting point, at the base of the plant. Thanks to Guy's instructions, you can now plant a climbing rose in the best way! All you have to do is water it well, prune it, and give it all the attention it deserves! Find Planting a climbing rose on Produced by Minute Facile. Something new in your garden and on your balcony? Celebrate the return of spring, post your photos on the forum