Indian home inspirations

Indian home inspirations

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The Bollywood spirit invites itself into your home for a colorful universe. Surprising design, flashy colors and original shapes, the Indian style amazes and seduces with its furniture inspired by the decoration of the palaces of the Maharajahs.

A colorful and original universe

Warm colors and chiseled wood are the strength of Indian design. Bench, cabinet or coffee table are characterized by the profusion of orange tones and their wooden structure to the delight of fans of Bollywood films. Do not hesitate to give an air of exoticism in your interior in order to create a style which comes from elsewhere. Travel through Asia and discover the representative colors and shapes of Indian art. Indian furniture differs from other styles by combining original and surprising colors on the same piece of furniture and by the eccentricity of its silver paint which decorates certain sideboards. The combination of shapes and colors gives your rooms an amazing and sparkling dynamism. This furniture will allow your guests to try the experience and discover other cultural universes, by transporting them to Indian traditions. Adopt the Indian style down to the smallest detail by combining the furniture with decorative elements while delicacy and finesse. Do not hesitate to decorate your interior with precious objects with sparkling colors of brilliance. For an exotic touch in your home, you can orient yourself to delicate and refined objects that match the originality of the furniture. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"