Video: create a duo of decorative placemats

Video: create a duo of decorative placemats

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This week, the editorial staff of you are proposing to create your own placemats from scrap fabric of all kinds. Discover in pictures the tips for creations that will work wonders on your table!

Watch the video :

video id = "0" / Level: easy Necessary material : scraps of all types of fabrics (salvage), thread and sewing needles Indicative cost: around 15 € per set Completion time : 30 minutes

Steps :

- Cut a piece of fabric 40x30 cm (standard size for a table set) - Taper the edges to give style to the borders - Repeat for a second piece of fabric (more if you want more sets of table) - Cut a piece of fabric of 30x20 cm (we chose liberty) which will serve as cutlery holder - Fold on 3 sides to form a pocket - Sew the pocket created on the first piece of fabric - Draw the contours of the patterns with decorative felt Decoration idea: consider taking large colored thread to sew the pockets. The decorative effect will be guaranteed! Styling and staging by Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"