Mosaic effect on the carpet

Mosaic effect on the carpet

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The major decoration brands all offer them in their new back-to-school collection. Yes, the mosaic rugs are about to reach the interior. Or when the fall inspiration is arty… As autumn approaches gently inviting monochrome and pastel colors under its wing, we think of choosing decorative accessories that energize the space. Among the solutions to be taken, there are mosaic rugs. But what is it all about? As their name suggests, these floor coverings refer to mosaics. They are indeed made up of small tiles or party favors forming a play of geometry, nuances and colors. Graphic effect in the spotlight! But, La Redoute and in particular the new Fly 2012 collection offer a wide range. If most of them are tufted rugs combining multicolored squares, you can also look for an all-round felted wool carpet composed of colorful cotillion or even a leather carpet created with cowhide scraps for a more designer checkered look. Discover our selection of rugs with mosaic rendering:


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