Focus on the chaise longue

Focus on the chaise longue

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Typically French, the chaise longue appeared in the 18th century at the court of Louis XV. At that time, its elongated shape allowed a comfortable seat and ideal for napping. Even today, the chaise longue is very successful. It ensures a glamorous and authentic style for your interior. Long and lovely, the chaise longue provides you with moments of incomparable rest and relaxation. Comfortably installed in this sofa, you can indulge in daydreaming or reading according to your preferences of the moment. In a design, baroque, countryside universe, the chaise longue adapts to all styles and offers an infinity of colors, shapes and materials to meet all your decoration expectations. For a Baroque style, opt for a chaise longue in red velvet, eggplant or black with voluptuousness and delicacy. It will bring elegance and refinement to your living room. More design and trendy, you can also adopt the chaise longue in ivory cotton for a warm and trendy atmosphere. For a chic rustic style, choose the solid oak chaise longue with elegant and natural lines. In the living room or bedroom, the chaise longue evokes an ancient era which symbolizes pomp, refinement and French elegance. For a revival in the rules of the art, do not hesitate to decorate your interior with a bourgeois and authentic touch.


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