Music Festival: vinyls decorate

Music Festival: vinyls decorate

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The first day of summer is slowly approaching, whispering in his ear his favorite refrain. Normal, since June 21 is also the day when we celebrate the tireless music festival! A perfect opportunity to return to the musical medium that accompanied the emergence of the radio until its peak: vinyl; because even the decor has started to collect it… Today, taking an interest in vinyl at the local record store begins above all with a great love affair with music, be it pop, rock, jazz, soul, rap, salsa… Search for authenticity, rare pieces to collect or nostalgia for the past! What if this passion was revealed in the decor of the house? Unlike MP3s, radio cassettes or CDs, vinyls have the advantage of being able to become decorative elements in their own right, when framed like paintings.

Display vinyl covers

Because they contain an unusual disc, because they perfectly transcribe the musical tastes of its owner or because their aesthetic choice is worthy of that of a work of art, certain record sleeves deserve to be framed on a wall, placed on the desk or a dresser As such, Taschen editions have just published a work entitled "Vinylmania" presenting exclusively covers of 33 jazz tricks published between 1940 and 1990. The proof that the vinyl covers something collector!

Expose discs

The records can also be framed so as to highlight a passion for music and / or "vinyls". If the idea is then to choose symbolic models: a tube, an artist, a register that is particularly close to our hearts, nothing prevents us from playing on their different formats or colors to create a graphic painting! Maestro music!