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All about roof windows

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Roof windows are essential for bringing light into a dark room such as the attic. They allow you to invite natural light into your interior for a unique light radiance. Today there are several models that offer different inclinations according to your needs and desires. Choosing the right roof windows remains essential for your home.

The different types of openings for your roof window

Depending on the roof pitch, the level of waterproofing and the light intensity you want, do not hesitate to choose the roof window that suits you. Three openings are now possible for your roof windows: projection opening, rotation opening and electric opening. The projection opening is suitable for roofs with a low inclination. The advantage of this opening is to allow a lateral opening to the outside to avoid cluttering the inside of the room and to hinder movement. The rotational opening conforms to all roof shapes. It is motorized to improve the functionality of the roof window and facilitate its opening especially if it is difficult to access. The electric opening is the most suitable for your daily life. It is modern and in line with new technologies. Using a remote control you can activate the opening of your roof window. If you want to make a personalized decoration and improve your daily comfort, opt for comfortable finishes.

The different types of finishes for your roof windows

Only demand the best for your roof windows and for that, do not hesitate to work on the finishes. In order to set up a warm and contemporary universe in your interior, favor solid wood finishes. This will give a touch of authenticity in a modern decoration. On the contrary if you want to stay in white tones, you can opt for wooden finishes covered with polyurethane for a solid structure coated with a white shell. Then you have different levels of insulation, you can opt for classic thermal insulation or even reinforced insulation in winter and summer or an anti-noise system that combines both insulation and unique comfort.

For necessary comfort: accessorize your roof windows

After choosing your type of opening and the finishes according to your wishes, you can decorate your roof windows with blinds or roller shutters to reduce the brightness. The blinds provide better comfort, essential for your room. They allow the light to be obscured and create darkness in the desired room. For a subdued atmosphere, you can opt for roller blinds or pleated blinds which provide you with a soft and pleasant light. The models of blinds adapt to all your needs to improve your daily life. Anti-heat or obscuring the light, remote-controlled or motorized, the blind is essential to manage the light flows released by the roof windows for a pleasant and controlled brightness.


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